Joint Exhibition
May - Sep 2009

Current Exhibition
Renewal 3
Gallery150 Leamington Spa
21st Feb - 11th March 2012
Jackie Mackay and Mark Tilley, members of Solihull Artists Forum, held an exhibition in the Education Centre at Solihull Hospital.

This collaboration is a spin off from the Artists Forum group exhibition 'Hands On' held in 2008. Eight years ago Jackie developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, a chronic autoimmune disorder that occurs when the immune system attacks tissues lining the joints, resulting in pain, inflammation and deformity and used the condition as a starting point for paintings.

Jackie Mackay - "Working initially with drawings of my sister’s rheumatoid hands, the pieces developed organically as an emotional response to my own illness. Other paintings were derived from sketches of Mark Tilley’s work Tormented produced specifically for this exhibition."

Mark Tilley - "For the 2008 Hands On exhibition in Solihull I just threw in everything I had, my experience with ecorche work, some hands from the family, my stock of clay, some oxides and the heat of my kiln. I scrounged a couple of palettes down the road and cut the willow from out the back. There was a ball lying in the garden and I threw that in too. I have drawn on this to make one more hand for this show. Diseased to nightmarish proportions, the skin drawn back, fired for a day to reach a white heat, then cooled rapidly leaving the remaining skin shrunken and torn, the colour darkened, I call it Tormented."